Second Chance

Tidbits of My Life


May 2008

Ppppt! Yuk!

Had a bit of a sore throat and calf still sore from last run



Just got off the phone with my recruiter. Locked in my 2nd attempt @ the physical abilities test. This time no strenuous exercise before. He also put me a little @ ease on acquiring the millions of addresses I’ve lived @ since I was 17. Same place..same time..same bat channel. 😉

Memorial Day

Got what I consider to be a late start…11. Took Peter to the Ruben H Fleet Science Center. We watched about an hour long movie about whitewater rafting on the Colorado river thru the Grand Canyon. I remembered how AWESOME it was when I went on a 3 day whitewater rafting trip with my dad! I’m gonna check out prices for us to go. Then took him to Quiznos for lunch then down to the bay for football throwing and swimming. When the wind decides to stop I feel the heat of the sun.

Yet another guess of mileage

I guessed on my mileage. Watch said 6.86, but I know it was a little further. 7 sounded like a sound number. I might’ve pushed a little too hard too. The tendon or muscle in my right calf right below my knee is SOOO P.O.d at me right now. It’s ok..I’ll take a couple Advil and a couple days off. 🙂 Peace Out!

Run @ Mission Bay

Second Chance at a better life…

Ya know I’ve seen a few people post that they have been given a second chance at living, and it really didnamt dawn on me until last night that my son and I have been given a second chance at eating right, exercising, my boy losing weight and just LIFE period. It’s an awesome feeling! 😉

I would have problems keeping myself motivated in my first mile and a half. My muscles are sore and my brain is saying “This is no different from your first day, when you wanted to give up after 2 blocks. Just stop, turn around , and go home. Running isn’t for you. What were you thinking? You’re bored after a mile? How do you think you can run 13.1 let alone 26.2?” By the time I’m done with this wonderfully positive conversation with myself, I have passed my nemisis and I’m actually at around TWO miles. HaHaHa..I have conquered you yet again Mr. Mile! (I’m sounding quite mental here huh..LOL)

When I’m actually warmed up and at around mile 5 or so is when I get that HIGH that exhileration looking around me at the sky the scenery and being amazed. Looking at my watch and seeing that I’ at 5 miles and still have road to run on. Realizing this time last year I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day sometimes more cuz we were always at the casino. I’ve had people tell me that they “..see a NEW ZEST in me!” That is awesome to hear. I don’t think I’ve EVER had ZEST for anything. Well…THAT’S MY STORY AND I’M STICKIN’ TO IT! 😉


Omgosh..FEMALE TENDENCY! I’m so NOT a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong..I know how to dress & act when the occasion calls. But it just sounds so girly buying SHOES from a SALE. They are the same ones I have men’s (that’s what Road Runner recommended and are SO comfy) Saucony Triumph 5 red/black. Got the SuperFeet too for arch support. My originals are blue/white. Anyway Ciao’

Rest Day – Only excersice is lifting my water bottle

I think I’m going to float away or whatever it’s called when you drink a lot of water. I’m on my 3rd 20 oz’r about to go for my 4th.

Happy training to ya’ll 😀

3.1 – watch deleted my time! Argh!

I’m going to estimate 30 mins with a head wind and hills. Someone wouldn’t get off my phone and I forgot to take my energy gel. LOL I think I’m going to switch to GU anyway. Yesterday my cliff shot almost made me yak! Used Propel Invigorating water. Great stuff. Could be a placebo too! LOL

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