I tried to run 6 miles but the 100 degree weather in Palm Desert was a lottle much. I started fine, the air was extremely dry. I donned my chapstick and shuffle, grabbed a cold bottle of water, and headed out. My throat was so dry and I wasn’t even breathing hard. I think I was taking a sip like every 20 steps.

I got to 2.07 and flipped back around. I was about to pass out from the heat & dryness. I think more so the dryness and the constant heated head-wind, since I’ve ran in the heat of San Diego and ran into plenty of head-winds with no problem. I was dissappointed that I had to turn around, but I made an ageement to my body from the last injury that I would listen to it. I got to 2.27 and had to walk. The thing that REALLY sucked is my water was no longer cold. It was HOT and made me gag on every sip. I started running again @ 2.47. Somewhere along the line I walked .20, but altogether I ended up completing 3.5