Practicing a life of integrity

What is integrity? It’s being the same person in front of people as you are when no one is looking. It’s making your words and your actions match up.

Practicing integrity with yourself

In other words, if you set a goal to do something, keep your word with yourself and do it! No matter what it takes, do it. Don’t lie to yourself.

Make a daily, weekly, or monthly (even if it is only mental, although having it written down you can go back on it later) list of those things that you need to do, but keep putting off. (i.e. for me is getting the bike pedal fixed on my son’s bike or that I will do 21 miles in a week)

If you will practice integrity with yourself then you’ll have no problem believing in God’s integrity. Meaning He keeps His Word just like you keep your word.

Food for thought 🙂