I accidentally deleted this post yesterday. My mom agreed to help me out by buying me the Women’s Timex Ironman BodyLink System. I was going to get the Garmin 405, but it was only the watch. With this I get the other two items. The watch I have now is a Sportsline something or other and frustrates the crap out of me. It has never given me my HR when I am running. If I want to know..I have to STOP! And it hasn’t been real accurate with my distance. If I want to know how far I ran I have to wait for my cool down, jump in my car and go figure it out by reseting my trip meter. I ran 7.1 miles last night and the watch said I ran 6.47. It did it’s job, but since I am increasing my distance I want to know all the other stuff too.

Thanks again Mom
Luv u 🙂