This weekend I had a lot going on. Got my new watch Friday, went to test it out on Saturday and wasn’t quite sure how to toggle between the difference displays (while running) and I ended up disconnecting my GPS connection. Not knowing I looked down and thought .02 miles how is that..I was just at .5 like a mile ago. That was totally demotivating, plus my boy wanted to run with me this time and poor guy pooped out at .5 and walked until I caught up with him.

Watched my brother-in-law in the Rock~n~Roll Marathon. WTG Bro! Very motivating. Even more so is seeing the people in the ‘chair’ races!

Had to complete my PHS (Personal History Survey) to turn in today (6/2/08). I thought this Tues was the 2nd for some reason, and I was scurrying to complete it last night. It took me 7 hours to complete it. Dropped it off this morning at the police station. Wow! I felt like this weight being literally lifted off me. It’s done. Now I just have to wait to hear from them. In the meantime, I have the P.A.T. on June 21st. I will either not exercise at all that week or only do walking or stretching. No 6.75 run two days before.