Tomorrow is a big day for me! I think I’ve been thru all the emotions! Including but not limited to almost going POSTAL at work. Takes a lot for me to get worked up lately but it’s not even worth it anymore. It’s just another obstacle that is trying to be put in my way and proves to me all the more that the police department is for me!!!

At my first command in San Diego (I was in the Navy for 4 years), I talked to my career counselor. Told him I wanted to fly them BIG 2 propeller helicopters. I didn’t know their name..just knew I wanted to fly them. He told me he’d submit my application to the Aviation Officers Canidate School cuz ya had to be an officer to be a pilot. Well the doofus sat on my application for 3 mos and by then it was time to go to my Radioman A School that I originally signed up for. Never became a helicopter pilot in the Navy 😦

I’ve always believed EVERYTHING happens for a reason! Cuz in the police department I have the opportunity to be a HELICOPTER PILOT!! YEE DOGGIES! I hope they will teach me. Hope I don’t already need the experience. If I do. I’ll pray for the funds to go to school for it 😉

There’s a few things I’m going to different for tomorrow’s test than on the last one ~

1. Print out and read the scriptures I found in the bible about running. Psalms 4:12 & 25 are close to my heart
2. Take a GU before
3. Drink G2 instead of water.
4. Different shoes

Finishing a MARATHON will be the icing on the cake of life for me after passing tomorrow!!!

Peace Out Ya’ll! 😛