I coulda done it in 6 seconds less. But because on the first ladder I didn’t touch one of the rungs on the other side (I just flipped myself over the top) I had to go back around and climb it again.

The stairs (SIXTY SEVEN FREAKING STAIRS..UP AND DOWN) kicked my butt again! Going down the Capt (he was my proctor..the guy who runs next to you and times you. Coaches you too. Real nice guy) was saying I was doing good going down, but coming up I started to peter out. Almost to a walk. I was getting mad. After topping the stairs you have to run down and back weaving through 6-7 cones. Then come back towards the beginning.

Last time the stairs winded me so much and then running hard to try to make up time..I could barely scale the 3 and 4 ft walls. THIS time I FLEW over the 3 ft wall, FLIPPED over the 4 ft wall, and SCALED & FLIPPED over the 6 ft wall. Then, comes the dummy (not me, the simulated victim dummy..LOL). I bent up the dummy, knee in back, squatted, put my arms under it’s arms, interlocked my fingers and freaking gritted my teeth, gave a grunt like no other and dragged that sucker passed the line with no worries.

The next thing was the FREAKING ALLEY RUN!! This is where I met my dimise last time. Where I didn’t FAIL, but was given the opportunity to KICK BUTT the THIS time!! THIS time I pushed so hard all the way down (Capt says ‘You’re at 3:00’) and I pushed straight through the finish line!! Like I was running to Mexico or something. I WASN’T ABOUT TO COME BACK A THIRD TIME!!

When I crossed the finish line, I had pushed so hard I literally I could barely breath. The Capt said with a smile ‘your time is three..twenty one’. I said, ‘WHAT!!’ I thought he’d said three thirty one. He shook my hand and said ‘Congratulations!’. I said, ‘Thank you Jesus’. He kinda laughed and said, ‘Ok?’. I told him, You don’t understand! I’ve been praying all last night and this morning, and it was Him’.

I am so stoked right now!! Could be a number of things..the fact that I had coffee, 2 GUs, and 3 gatorade G2s, and 2 bananas! Or that I have yet again completed another obstacle in my life!! I chose to believe the latter!! πŸ˜€