Moving as a positive

Moving is such a pain! But I’m seeing it as positive. A way of putting all my loss behind me. Continuing to make a new and healthy life for me and my son. Even looking for a new job position since the current one is bringing so much negativity into my life. Today I’m taking some more boxes to my storage unit, going to my sister-in-laws and do a run, then come back & have some BBQ chicken. My mm…tasty! Peace Out! πŸ˜‰

Alpine Run

Had fun. Was keeping a good pace even up the hill on the way back, but had to wait for my little bird to push his bike up the hill. Told him next time he has to turn around at 3.5. He I want to get to 13.1 at least I can’t keep stopping for him to catch up. I’m so prove me him though..he’s lost 15 lbs and I’ve lost 10. Doesn’t seen like much for me, but I’ve gain muscle in my legs.

Got my new glasses

I’ve never spent more than $7 on a pair of glasses. Mostly bought them at the swapmeet around here. The ones I had lost a lens from so many drops. Had to start using my son’s which have hairline cracks in them. He doesn’t mind, but I do.

So I broke down and bought these. OMGosh! LOL πŸ˜‰


Gotta work..but run after :-)

Working til 4 today. Gonna try to map out a new run. My boy’s gonna be @ my in-laws in Chula while I’m @ I’ll probably run there or Mission Bay. The bay area itself is becoming boring. The surrounding areas keep my mind busy

Might have found a loop hole for my first half marathon

America’s Finest Half may be full, but I read the small print & they have 10 exclusive spots for people who can find someone to donate $1000 to Habitat for Humanity. So now I’m on the scout for someone or some company that will basically sponsor me for it. Woo hoo! It’s a possibility πŸ˜‰

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