Tried to run again tonight. It was a no go. Ended up walking though..about a mile before it go too dark. The park doesn’t have lights like Mission Bay.

 After Sundays incident with the 10,000 thorns in his tires…yesterday I bought my son these new inner tubes for his bike called ‘No more flats’. These things are AWESOME. They are almost solid rubber that takes the place of an air filled tube. Well, like the naive person I am, I bought ONE box thinking there were TWO tubes. Dee..dee..dee!!!! I found out there was only one, right after I was completely ready to go running. I still going to Walmart and buying another tube, only to remember that the second tube is for the BACK tire and it isn’t as easy as the front. I didn’t really want to preform this task at the park. So we decided to just walk a mile or so before going home.

 I have the walk thru with my ex-landlords tomorrow night at 6:00pm, so I won’t be able to run tomorrow night either. These past few nights have been the perfect example of why I would need a gym membership to run the treadmill. I guess I just need to get my lazy butt up and run in the mornings. Then I don’t have to compete with the sunset. I don’t know. We’ll see. 🙂