I’m fairly new to the whole concept of running & “full time” single parenting. I don’t think I’ve done too shabby of job of juggling “both”.

I’ve even tried to figure in a way for my son to come along, since I can’t just leave him home alone or “assume” that anyone home with him will watch him. But lately not being able to run or go as far as I want to stems from the above.

I truly do like to run ~after the first 2 miles..they are my nemesis~never thought I would utter those words in my life. For the first time.. I envisioned myself running across the finish line of my first marathon. It was so weird.

I’ve only been running for about 3 1/2 months now and I’m up to 11 miles @ a 10:20 pace. I don’t think that is too bad.

In MY running I try to keep no more than a 9:30 pace, so when I got a comment that the above run I did was done @ a good pace. That surprised me. In my eyes I thought I was a slow poke. I guess we are our own worst critiques!

My son dropped my computer and somehow all but 4 of my songs got deleted. I still run. It’s annoying at first but having ADHD I can tune it out. LOL As long as I have noise/music I can think about “other” things.

Life gets in our way sometimes and it IS a legitimate “excuse” for missing a run. When I miss one..especially if I’ve been thinking about it all day and I get home and I can’t..it really gets my panties in a wad!