First time in a while I’ve been under a 9:00 mile. I did an out an back from my place. Had a nice breeze in my face on the way back 🙂

 Started to be ‘one of those days’. Already had the GU down the hatch, and got a call from my Grandpa who is in town. Talked to him while I waited for my GPS to sync. It was almost 10-15 minutes and it wasn’t pairing, so I said ‘screw it’ and started my chrono and headed out.

I’m normally looking at my watch to keep myself around 9:00-9:30, but since it wasn’t syncing I had no clue. I only looked at it once during the run and it had finaly paired up.

It was nice to run and not worry about the pace, and I still did it in under 9:00. Woo hoo for me! LOL 😉