Holy cow was this place a blast!!

I haven’t been to a waterpark in over 17 years. I went one time to Wild Rivers in Irvine when I first came to San Diego back in 1990-1991.

I couldn’t believe I was so nervous pulling into the parking lot. Prior to my son I used to ride all the thrill seeking rides and roller coasters, but after he was born that came to a stand still. Well, now he is at that age where HE wants to ride those rides and stuff.

He even rode what I call the “Wedgie Slides”. This was my first time in years I felt comfortable wearing a bathing suit..so I wasn’t about expose myself to the world anymore that I already was..LOL

I’ll have to take him to either Wild Rivers or to the waterpark next to Magic Mountain next time. They have more slides 😉

We also got plenty of exercise running from the landing pools to the end of the line. When the lines got to long..we got our exercise running to keep from burning our feet on the concrete.

All in all..I had a great time! 🙂