Note to self..

Do not eat kilbasa sandwiches even an hour before a run.

I was so busy doing things thru out the day, by the time it was 5:00 I hadn’t eaten anything, and I knew I was going to run at 6:00. The quickest thing I could think of was a kilbasa sandwich, but of course I couldn’t eat just ONE. I had to eat TWO.

Next thing I know it’s almost 6:00pm and I get my gear on, down a GU and 1/2 a gatorade, and once again start trying to get my crashed computer to load more than the FOUR freaking songs on my shuffle. I was starting to lose motivation..talking to myself about how important it really was to have more than four wasn’t I just need noise, so I said ‘SCREW IT’ again, and just went outside and headed out.

I got about a mile and a half into the run I started burping IT up, after a half mile or so I got tired of it, pulled off the side of the road, went around a bush,  “Took care of business”, swigged some gatorade and kept right on running. Ahhh..what a relief!

I’m not happy with the pace above, but I actually ran 2 miles farther than I planned on, and clocked myself on the way back doing 8:15-8:3o pace

Now that is mind over body 😉