Wasn’t really motivated to run, but I did anyway and it ended up being great. Once again, not a great pace time, but I guess it’s ok considering from step one the tendon behind my left knee ached and my right quad was quite upset with me. They let me know it at each red light too LOL

 The experimental part was running without my water bottle. When I was walking at Rohr yesterday I noticed people doing the 3.1 round without them and they were fine. I think the water bottle thing was to make my body think I could run farther if I had it. SO I TOOK IT AWAY! Started running from my house and got all the way to Brandywine and my iPod crapped out. LMAO! So now I have no water bottle, no iPod, and my body is screaming for me to stop.  NOPE! Keep on running. (Although I felt like I was doing a faster pace than 11:00) went to my 3.1 marker and turned around and headed back. I was feeling great. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t really even feel tired.

When my watch beeped notifiying me of 5.0 miles, I told my son (who was scootering behind me). “Five miles Bud”..his response with sarcasm “yipee”. I was like “YA YIPEE!!”

1. I didn’t yell at him once or have to stop and wait for him to catch up. Yipee!

2. I was running 6.2 without a water bottle to pacify me. Yipee!

3. I was running without my iPod and ACTUALLY enjoying my run! Noticing what was around me and acknowleding the wind in my face. Yipee!

4. Even though my body issues were trying to stop me, I was having fun and I wasn’t winded. Yipee!