First off..I HAD A FREAKIN’ BLAST!! This would have to be chalked up as one of my Top 5 Best Weekends ever!! 🙂 

Official race time of 56:05. I check the other times as well ~
666 – out of all the women in L.A.(why’d I have to pass that last chick..or why couldn’t I beat out the one in front of me?? LOL
2310 – out of 12,500 runners in L.A. WOO HOO!!
64108 – out of 312,500 of all the people who ran.
2.5km time – 5:15/km
5k – 5:45/km
7.5k – 5:49/km
I don’t think these are too bad for a 1st timer 😉

OMGosh! I had myself SO freaked out! On the way to the race..I would look at my watch and my heart rate would be at a constant 61-62, then I would have a thought of…Holy Crap!!! I’m about to run a 10K!!! I’d look down and it would shoot to about 79-80 LOL. I couldn’t eat anything so I downed 2 bottles of gatorade and a GU and a warm Arrowhead half cup of water.

My last 2 runs (6.2 & 7.7) my left hamstring & right hip muscle have given me trouble, but I pushed through them, then averaging 1:09 & 1:20, so I was going to line up at the 10:00 start line. I figure with the issues I’d had I would be completing it in 01:10:00 or more. But I didn’t, I went to the 9:00 marker..having a little pep talk with myself about not giving in and to start thinking positive, and then I began stretching like a mad dog. I went to the bathroom about 4-5 times, and then they started the pre-race show and everyone jam packed themselves into the 7:00 marker. BOO-HA-HA!!…I’m starting at the 7:00 marker 😉 After all the jabbering, the start gun was fire and WE WERE OFF!!

For the first 2.5 miles I was (to me) busting out a 8:39..right be fore the 5k marker I noticed I was at 9:01 and the most I went to was a 9:05. ~I just looked at the summary of my watch and it said my fastest pace was 7:48!  I am a Rockstar!..LOL. 😀 ~ When we rounded the corner to the .10 leg of the race I busted out all I could. Thinking to myself BREATH..BREATH..or their gonna be calling the ambulance on yur silly ass. LOL. I’ll have to admit along the way, I was thinking how am I gonna complete a freaking marathon at this pace constantly for 26.2 miles. Cuz my goal is to complete the marathon in as close to 4:00 as possible which would mean I would have to keep a constant 9:15 pace. The only thing I could come back to myself with is


Anyway..that is my story and I’m sticking to it!! 😉


~Peace Out~