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September 2008

TRIED to run at the bay

Apparently I should’ve waited another day to run. Leg gave me problems again. Had to stop at 2 miles. That’s ok. I’ll wait another day or two. It’s a learning process and as long as I don’t push it. My body will tell me what it can handle.


Busted out 10

This was a pretty good run. Leg was trying to give me troubles but I handled it in my OWN way. I tried a new energy gel. Roctane by GU. Wow..this stuff is AWESOME! I took one before I left home & while I was driving I felt a surge of energy. When I looked down @ my watch my HR was @ 76. Still its 66. I took 3 of them during my run. They’re $1 more than the regular ones & worth it. I’m only going to use them on my long runs.

VERY late run at the Bay

Had to go to a parent orientation at my son’s school until 8:00pm, and I was DETERMINED to run TONITE.

I noticed after my run on Monday I was a little sore, but I figured 2 days was enough time for the healing or rebuilding. I was right. I was able to push myself to 5 miles tonite. There was some soreness in my hip after, but I made sure to stretch before and after. Then I came home and took a scalding shower 😉 Gonna put a heat pack on it and I should be fine for and early run on Sunday. Gonna shoot for 10 we’ll see though.

Over all I am very impressed with the recovery, not very happy it took so long but glad to be back out and at ’em. I actually like running this late. Ya have the park to yourself and the I only seen 2 lights out on the path that I was running. Nice breeze too. If ya don’t wait until RIGHT BEFORE sunset to run, and ya wait until it has FULLY SET Then all the lights come on. Guess they are on a timer or something! Hello..knock..knock..McFly 😉

 Any whoosers! Peace out! 😉

Gotta do a LATE run @ the bay tonite

My son has a conference until 8 tonite. if I don’t stay til 8 if doesn’t get his wristband to give him permission to year regular clothes instead of his uniform tomorrow. only gonna do 4 miles it’ll be quick cuz it’ll be DARK. This is where a treadmill would come go handy 🙂

Lil sore, but that’s ok. I’ll rest today

You know me, gotta push. I’m a lil sore in the adductor area again, but I iced then heated the area last night and heated it early this morning when I was reading.

Then I did a couple of stretches before getting dressed.

And throughout the day..I’ll freak out my co-worker’s by continuing to stretch it out in the break room. 😛

This will be a good day to take my kid’s bike in to get a new pedal or crank


Ran at the bay. Didn’t get there until 7:00pm which of course the sun was setting, but I didn’t care. I was gonna run anyway. I feel more comfortable running there. I stretched REALLY good, and headed out. I started limping, but not because it hurt. I was doing it cuz my leg was waiting for that God awful stabbing pain again at anytime. Whenever I felt it get sore, I moved to running on the grass (less impact than the sidewalk), and I would just continued to say quietly as I was running (and listening to my music) ‘by his stripes I am healed..thank you Jesus for healing my leg’. It worked. I did 3.2, maybe not with a 9:30 mile, but at the end of the run I shouted ‘BOO-YAH!!! I KICKED PAIN’S ASS!! (excuse my French) and did a little muscle man pose to my son.

Considering I don’t push myself too hard (since I only have 2 months to get up to 26.2), I AM DOING VEGAS! I may have to pass up Long Beach though, but it is worth it. Vegas has always been my goal for the year, and I am determined.

Run turned to walk

I was going to run at Rohr, but decided I wanted to see the sunset while I was running…sssooo I drove to the bay. As I get there I see a HUGE gray cloud from the horizon UP. Totally covering the sun. So much for the sunset.

I meandered across the grass and sat down to watch the water as I stretched for almost 20 minutes and then stepped onto the sidewalk and headed out. It felt good…for about 10 steps then I started to limp, and OF COURSE pushed it a little more, but decided it wasn’t worth the loss. So I started to walk.  Walking today was very difficult for me. I REALLY wanted to RUN!! So much  so that as I was walking I felt like there was this invisible person in front of me pulling and tugging on this invisible rope tied to my waist. I found myself clenching my fists to resist the urge to run. I guess it didn’t help to have my running music blasting in my ears. But I won that battle and continued to walk, although VERY VERY disappointed

I walked to the south towards Sea World, and came across a dirt field that lead to the parking lot of Sea World. I started walking across the parking lot and realized it would take too long, so I turned around and headed back. Towards the end of my run I had started two texting sessions with two of my friends and didn’t realize that it was almost completely dark by the time I reached the entrance to the island. I just continued as blasting and lit my way with my phone in between text messages 😉

All was good. Will do a bike ride around the bay or maybe further on Sunday..early morning.

Even the godly feel ‘LOST’

FYI for anyone reading..This is another one of those posts where I’m venting to myself. LOL 🙂

I was reading my book ‘The Shack’ and I got to the part where the character Mack expressed his concern for feeling ‘LOST’ as he was talking to God. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed to the point of tearing up at the thought that everything that has been going on in my life over the past couple of months (and year for that matter) and that time is drawing nearer to this Thursday (the one year anniversary of my husband’s passing) that I feel ‘LOST’ as to why everything is happening.

I’ve had a rough and bumpy year and have recovered from it all, couple of things are still lingering, but I refuse to let it get the ‘Best of Me’. I still wonder at times, ‘Why did this have to happen to ME?!!’, but I believe that ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

So I developed a liking…I guess more of a fascination with get myself healthy and have some kind of an outlet for the emotions pent up from ‘loss’ and ‘life’ . I get the addiction! I start by running a 5K and a 10K, with goals of a HALF and a MARATHON by the end of the year. Then I get a set back of 2 weeks so far. Now I’m being told another week. I still need that outlet for release of ‘life’, but I can’t. Now it’s the feeling of being ‘trapped’. Wanting to RUN, because I know I can put the pain behind me and that pain will replace the pain that I currently feel and that is building. BUUUTTT..if I do that then I risk the ‘loss’ of the future race goals. All of this going on in my head lead me to understand the feeling of ‘being LOST’ along with Mack. WOW! REALITY CHECK!

Now how to deal?! The same I have been..waking up every morning and reading my bible and praying for guidance and the same strength that I have been given to deal with everything that has happened over the past year. I still feel a sense of ‘being LOST and TRAPPED’, but that is because I am HUMAN. I’m not God. I’m IN this world, but I’m not OF this world! 😉

Need some insight please..on a groin pull (adductor muscle group)

I haven’t been able to run since last Wednesday. The next morning I had a pain in the muscle by my hip area. That pain has been go now for a day or so,  I feel no pain when I walk, but if there is an impact like jogging or quick movement (twisting) to my left or right there is a very sharp pain. I wanted to run today since there was no pain walking, so I tried to jog a couple of steps, but my leg just about came out from under me. So, I just went for a small walk at the park.

After doing some research on it I believe it to be a strain to the ‘adductor muscle group’ (since I don’t have a groin..wink wink)

 Anyone have any suggestions on a speedy recover solution/treatment? Please! 😉

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