I was going to run at Rohr, but decided I wanted to see the sunset while I was running…sssooo I drove to the bay. As I get there I see a HUGE gray cloud from the horizon UP. Totally covering the sun. So much for the sunset.

I meandered across the grass and sat down to watch the water as I stretched for almost 20 minutes and then stepped onto the sidewalk and headed out. It felt good…for about 10 steps then I started to limp, and OF COURSE pushed it a little more, but decided it wasn’t worth the loss. So I started to walk.  Walking today was very difficult for me. I REALLY wanted to RUN!! So much  so that as I was walking I felt like there was this invisible person in front of me pulling and tugging on this invisible rope tied to my waist. I found myself clenching my fists to resist the urge to run. I guess it didn’t help to have my running music blasting in my ears. But I won that battle and continued to walk, although VERY VERY disappointed

I walked to the south towards Sea World, and came across a dirt field that lead to the parking lot of Sea World. I started walking across the parking lot and realized it would take too long, so I turned around and headed back. Towards the end of my run I had started two texting sessions with two of my friends and didn’t realize that it was almost completely dark by the time I reached the entrance to the island. I just continued as normal..music blasting and lit my way with my phone in between text messages 😉

All was good. Will do a bike ride around the bay or maybe further on Sunday..early morning.