Ran at the bay. Didn’t get there until 7:00pm which of course the sun was setting, but I didn’t care. I was gonna run anyway. I feel more comfortable running there. I stretched REALLY good, and headed out. I started limping, but not because it hurt. I was doing it cuz my leg was waiting for that God awful stabbing pain again at anytime. Whenever I felt it get sore, I moved to running on the grass (less impact than the sidewalk), and I would just continued to say quietly as I was running (and listening to my music) ‘by his stripes I am healed..thank you Jesus for healing my leg’. It worked. I did 3.2, maybe not with a 9:30 mile, but at the end of the run I shouted ‘BOO-YAH!!! I KICKED PAIN’S ASS!! (excuse my French) and did a little muscle man pose to my son.

Considering I don’t push myself too hard (since I only have 2 months to get up to 26.2), I AM DOING VEGAS! I may have to pass up Long Beach though, but it is worth it. Vegas has always been my goal for the year, and I am determined.