Had to go to a parent orientation at my son’s school until 8:00pm, and I was DETERMINED to run TONITE.

I noticed after my run on Monday I was a little sore, but I figured 2 days was enough time for the healing or rebuilding. I was right. I was able to push myself to 5 miles tonite. There was some soreness in my hip after, but I made sure to stretch before and after. Then I came home and took a scalding shower 😉 Gonna put a heat pack on it and I should be fine for and early run on Sunday. Gonna shoot for 10 we’ll see though.

Over all I am very impressed with the recovery, not very happy it took so long but glad to be back out and at ’em. I actually like running this late. Ya have the park to yourself and the I only seen 2 lights out on the path that I was running. Nice breeze too. If ya don’t wait until RIGHT BEFORE sunset to run, and ya wait until it has FULLY SET Then all the lights come on. Guess they are on a timer or something! Hello..knock..knock..McFly 😉

 Any whoosers! Peace out! 😉