Haven’t posted in a while, cuz there is not much to report. I’m a dee..dee..dee and I’m still waiting for my ligament to fully recover. I can walk on it for the most part without pain. Although after about 10 steps I feel stiffness, but atleast at night now I can sleep with it bent and not have it stiffen up to complete pain. It’s going as good as possible.

The trinket I speak of is the silly little bracelet that Nike+  made a big deal about as the ‘completion medal’ for the race. I tried to take a picture, but it is blurry. Anyway it is just this vinyl strap braclet with a piece of metal with a bunch of runners engraved in it. It has a hook clasp that goes into little stitched loops for fit. The ‘stupid’ part to me is…there is nothing on the bracelet saying it was from the Nike+. The only lettering is on the hook it says Los Angeles.

Well it now serves to help me FOCUS on my goal…COMPLETING Vegas. I’ve learned my lesson and that is what it helps me with. I used to be focused on TIME. So it has replaced my WATCH for now. Anytime I want to know what TIME it is, I look at my wrist and see the BRACLET. It then triggers my MIND saying..it doesn’t matter what TIME it is..your goal is RUNNING and enjoying it. Not TIME…not DISTANCE. This may have been a ‘stupid trinket’, but it is now and really always has been, proof that I can complete a goal when I set my mind to it.