I went to the bay for a late run. I was so proud of myself..I didn’t look at my watch once. Well, once when I finished running, but not at all during the run.

I just listened to what my body was telling me, and enjoyed the run.  When something felt off..I slowed down. I’m trying not to be upset with the pace, but since I have been pace minded since I started running in March..it’s a little hard to retrain my brain that it is a perfectly good pace for coming off of an injury and taking off 2 weeks.

I wore a different pair of shoes today, and didn’t really have much soreness when running like I did on Sunday. The other pair of shoes are the same ones I wore in the Nike+ race and hurt my quad, so I think I’ll have to hang them up and continue to use the ones I wore today. I haven’t had any problems with them. No soreness at all in my knee right now. Going to take tomorrow off and run again on Thursday

Peace Out! 😉