My running goal for this year is COMPLETING Vegas. I have been through injury after injury trying to prepare for this race. All of them from major inexperience in training. Either fortunately or unfortunately I have figured it out. Last nights run was actually FUN to me. I still found myself getting mad at the time though. Which I had to justify to myself by my body telling me..”my pace was slow cuz you walked 4-5 times. As long as you listen to me I will pull you thru the rest of your training and the marathon. Just LISTEN to ME!”

I’ve had my own little issues of life going on too. Having to quit my job, finding a new one..only to have my new boss tell me her business is slow and she has to cut me to PT. Now I’m looking for a new job, but just like with this job ‘God will provide’ (hopefully quickly..wink wink)

The cool thing though is running lets me escape this world for a little while. When I run I seriously go to another world. I end up tuning out EVERYTHING. I just listen to my music, my body, focus on my foot landing, and my breathing. Last night I was running and didn’t realize there was a guy in his Jeep until I was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Then I was like…holy crap!! LOL.

Since my goal is to COMPLETE Vegas, then it doesn’t matter my time. Even if I have to walk 20 times.  I will try to sign up this weekend after my long run. Don’t know how many miles that will be. That is up to my body. I’m just going to head out and run. 😉