I’m so utterly confused and frustrated. According to this workout… I’m obviously not physically up to completing Vegas.  I got out 2.1 miles and had to turn around and walk back. I had pretty much made the decision that I couldn’t do Vegas financially since I’m only part-time employed and haven’t found a full time job yet AND have bills to pay. So the money I have saved up must be used to be a parent and support my son, but I thought there MIGHT be the chance if I was physically able to do it, I could borrow the money. Realizing that I can not do Vegas honestly is right up there with 9/18/07 and having to choose to quit my job. It is an emotional challenge for me to get over right now.

I’m trying not to be hard on myself, but this is just chalked on the list of freaking WONDERFUL things that have happened over the past year, BUT I have to believe in both of my mottos.

Life motto – EVERYTHING happens for a reason


I will be back for Vegas next year when it will be called the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Marathon, but as for now my new goal will be the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon.

I HAVE and will continue to ‘TRIUMPH in the face of adversity’!!