I suddenly woke up at 5:00AM with this picture in my head. [Of course, I put the reminder to make a post in my phone and went back to sleep ;-)] This is how I feel about my running right now. I’m not into mythology, but this bird is a symbol of being renewed.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me..to say the very least.

First, I was talking to my Dad via chat and find out that GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) runs in my family.  Wow does this explain a lot about me..LOL. Him and my grandma regulate it with medication. He sent me the following link to read up on the symptoms (http://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/generalized-anxiety-disorder). OMGosh! I have so many of them. I just realized that I’m freaking out, and do everything possible to stop it. After hearing this I thought..great I got another acronym..LOL 🙂 So far I’ve got OA, RA, ADHD, and now GAD. Could this soon become a new song. If I have GAD and have gone through everything over this past year..HOLY CRAP it is ONLY by the grace of God I’m still SANE!

Second, I decided to join this new small group at church called “Money Study”. Its a way to learn in depth about God’s will when it comes to our own spending and His principles when it comes to money. I already tithe, but this show you how to budget and manage money as well. Anyway, it was the first night and we had to introduce ourselves, share a tad about our financial situation, and what we expect to get out of the class. I got out..my name is Darla Banaga and……..I lost it!!! OMGosh! I hated it! After holding my breath and staring at the ceiling for about a minute to get myself to stop the tears from falling.. I spit out that I lost my husband a year ago Sept 18th and that I was there to learn to save money for my son and I to get a place of our own. This was so unusual for me and proved I had a lot of stuff pent up that is going on that I haven’t let out!

Third, and best!

At about 11:00pm, I checked my Sweat365 blog and found 2 very inspiring comments. One reminding me of the awesome time I had training for the Nike+ 10K (my first official race) and the total HIGH I had after fininshing! 😀

And the other reminding me that I have ‘virtual’ friends too. Even though I was supposed to meet up with her at the Nike+ 10k and the Long Beach Half, but I will be seeing you at the San Diego Rock-n-Roll 2009 Marathon 😉


As said in my last post I HAVE and will continue to ‘TRIUMPH in the face of adversity’