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November 2008

New PR – My own HALF MARATHON in the bag..babay!!

A couple of things I need to think of for my next LONG run like this ~

1. Pick another route! Holy crap! Nothing but uphills and head wind.

2. Even though I pee’d before I left..make sure there is a pit stop along the way. I had to hold IT for almost 5 miles. It felt like my bladder was going to explode with every step.

3. Wear a different sports bra, or a band-aid. Got a blister. A small one. No chaffing though. Thank goodness  


I was at around 12.60 when I got a call from my son asking where I was at. He was worried because I told him I was going to leave at 7:00am and it was somewhere around 10 or 10:30am and I wasn’t back yet. That’s because I got a late start. Man..late for my own half marathon. LOL Anyway, when I told him where I was at..he wanted to meet me and ride along next to me the rest of the way home. When I met him I was at 12.87. Next thing I know, I hear my watch beep that it is 13.00. I said ‘There it is boy! .1 to go and I’ve just completed my own half marathon!’ I became overwhelmed and had to look up to keep the tear from falling that welled up in my eyes and telling myself. I never thought I’d hear those words utter from my mouth. Once I controlled myself I looked down and it was 13.11. I raised my hands above my head in victory..saying ‘Yes! I did it boy!’ and the most wonderful words I’ve hear yet came from my son. He said, ‘I’M PROUD OF YOU MOM..YOU GOT SPUNK!’ LOL


So what if it wasn’t an ‘official’ half marathon. It was MY half marathon! And hearing those words made it all worth while


Daily ‘Kick in the Butt’ quote

Some runners judge performance by whether they won or lost. Others define success or failure by how fast they ran. Only you can judge your performance. Avoid letting others sit in judgment of you (Runner’s World)


Wow if this was not me just a month or so ago! After various injuries because of TIME or DISTANCE pushed, I just RUN now and I actually enjoy it. I’ll admit I still look at my watch to see what my pace or distance is, but I don’t judge my run on it. I listen to what my BODY is telling me. Injuries are not worth the time off recovering. The only thing I want to be recovering from is a kick ass marathon. 😉

Easy 3 miler

It was another one of those days..I was fighting with myself on running. LOL This time it was not that I didn’t but I was coming up with excuses on the weather. I checked the weather and it said it wa 74 with a ‘real feel’ of 80. I thought hmmm..its too hot to run. I’ll wait until tonite when it is cooler. But if I run tonite it will be too late, but if I don’t run today sometime, then I won’t have my 2 days rest to for my next run to have a 2 day run for my Sunday long run. I also thought that someone else told me they ran 20 this Sunday in 90 degree weather. Then it happened again. JUST FREAKIN’ RUN! So I did 😉

This time I took a water bottle..LOL On the way back, the little bit that was left was hot and nasty. And I apparently got a bit of a bloody nose too. Didn’t see the blood on my shirt until I got ready to get in the shower. Guess its the price of running in the heat 😉

Daily ‘Kick in the Butt’ quote

When you put yourself on the line in a race and expose yourself to the unknown, you learn things about yourself that are very exciting (Runner’s World)

I love it! The only race I’ve put myself on the line for was the Nike+ Human Race. Wow! What a mind blowing experience! I’d never been so nervous about anything in my entire life, but when the gun went off..I WAS OFF! I looked down and I was averaging a 8:39 pace and did so for the 2.5 miles. Then I only dropped down to a 9:05 for the remaing miles. When I went back on my watch my fastest pace was a 7 something. That had to have been the last .2 of the race. When I rounded the corner and saw the finish line, WHOA  nelly! I BOLTED!! When I finished..I was breathing hard but I had never had so much fun! The exciting thing I learned about myself that day was..I really do like to run!

Myself from a year ago would call me CRAZY! I would tell her the same thing that I tell everyone else who says I’m crazy for running..

Only CRAZY people can run marathons! 😀

Longest run in a while

Felt good. Left the house with the intentions of just running 6..that was if my knees could take it. When I got to my halfway mark I thought..hmm I wonder how far it is to the next light. When I got to the light I thought hmm if I turn here I can go to my sister-in-laws..I wonder how far that is..and since I couldn’t use the bathroom at home I can use her’s and refill my water. So I did. Then said by to my nephew and ran back home. 😉

Ever taken a COLD shower after a run?!! YOWZA!!

No clue what possessed me to run, but I was just sitting at my computer messing with MySpace trying to put Stronger as my profile song, then I thought I listen to it on my iTunes, then I thought well I just play my ‘running playlist’. IT WAS OVER AFTER THAT! HAD TO RUN! Just got up, got dressed and headed out 😀

One thing though..I should check the weather conditions first before shooting a GU and heading out amp’d. Oh, and take a water bottle too. LOL

Got back and I was beet red, jumped in the shower with it COLD after some OOO OOOs and AH AHs. It was just right. What is it about cold water that makes things bottom of the shower! Almost fell LOL

Wow! It is amazing how AMP’D OUT you can get from running! This is an OUTSTANDING feeling! I gotta do this more often. Maybe start running in the mornings before taking my kid to school. It’ll be cooler and light out 😉 Food for thought.


Gotta gooooooooooooo!!!!!!

What we have here is a failure to comm-un-icate!

No clue what is wrong this week. It has been so BLAH! I’ve been getting to bed at anywhere between 11:00pm and 2:00am. With no real remembrence of anything I’ve done. CRAZY!

I did have a bit of a workout walking from 12:30pm to 1:30am at Diseyland on Monday. Maybe that is my problem. Standing in lines all day, and then going to work and standing for 5 hrs. I just wish my body would go back to the way it was BEFORE I injured it. I know it will. It just takes time. Not like I’m training for anything right now. 😦

Although I’m contemplating a Mission Trails Run here in February ’09. It’s a 15k. That would be interesting. 9.3 miles and rugged terrain. Always good on the knees 😀 Would be a new experience for me.

I’m gonna take the next couple days off too and then run on Sunday.

Small run

My mind was into running today, but my body said ‘screw you’. All my muscles were tight when I was stretching, and from my first step I knew I needed to keep it short.

Was considering trying to run another 3 tonite, but we’ll see what happens. One never knows one minute to the next what may happen 😉


Had a great run tonite. Knee was a little sore towards the end, but I’m all better now 😉

Watch came up with ‘fatal gps error’ so I’m not quite sure what my time was. Who cares! I had fun!

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