I woke up this morning KNOWING I wanted to run. Couldn’t muster myself in the morning, but got some well needed extra sleep. That was induced by an eventfully fun Friday, which was some well neeed stress was released as well.  Meaning I was 3 “ice cold beverages” past my usual limit of 2, getting to sleep sometime around 3:15AM, and then having to work from 10am-6pm. Hence the needing of extra sleep. I’ll have to do it again sometime. Minus the going to bed at 3:15AM and having to work the next day LOL 😉


Anywayzz…I was at Walmart tonite and happened to walk by the isle with foot stuff. My eye caught the insert for your shoes that is for knee support. It was the whole insert though, and I already have inserts for arch support. When I was looking at the package it was really only supporting the heel. So I just got the Dr. Schols (however you spell it) massaging gel heels inserts. OMGosh, these things are amazing! When I headed out on my run and all through it..it was like running on air. They are great! And no knee pain at all.


During my run, I only looked at my watch once..it was to tell my son (who once again went scootering with me and couln’t keep up *sigh*) that we were at 1.2 and I was going to go a couple more lights up and flip back. I happened to sneak a peak at my pace and it was 10:07.


The entire run I only focused on running and having FUN doing it..no TIME, no DISTANCE (although I did want to go 3.1 atleast, but I wasn’t going to push it if my body said NO), and no PACE. When I got back to the house, I turned off my GPS and walked about a block or so before checking my summary. When I did, I seen I did 3.4 which I thought was pretty good, and my average pace was 9:34. I said out loud YES!!!! When I got back from the run…I was wired the rest of the night..LOL.


I just proved to myself I can run and have FUN and not worry about TIME, DISTANCE, or PACE, and still accomplish ALL THREE! 😉