No clue what possessed me to run, but I was just sitting at my computer messing with MySpace trying to put Stronger as my profile song, then I thought I listen to it on my iTunes, then I thought well I just play my ‘running playlist’. IT WAS OVER AFTER THAT! HAD TO RUN! Just got up, got dressed and headed out 😀

One thing though..I should check the weather conditions first before shooting a GU and heading out amp’d. Oh, and take a water bottle too. LOL

Got back and I was beet red, jumped in the shower with it COLD after some OOO OOOs and AH AHs. It was just right. What is it about cold water that makes things bottom of the shower! Almost fell LOL

Wow! It is amazing how AMP’D OUT you can get from running! This is an OUTSTANDING feeling! I gotta do this more often. Maybe start running in the mornings before taking my kid to school. It’ll be cooler and light out 😉 Food for thought.


Gotta gooooooooooooo!!!!!!