It was another one of those days..I was fighting with myself on running. LOL This time it was not that I didn’t but I was coming up with excuses on the weather. I checked the weather and it said it wa 74 with a ‘real feel’ of 80. I thought hmmm..its too hot to run. I’ll wait until tonite when it is cooler. But if I run tonite it will be too late, but if I don’t run today sometime, then I won’t have my 2 days rest to for my next run to have a 2 day run for my Sunday long run. I also thought that someone else told me they ran 20 this Sunday in 90 degree weather. Then it happened again. JUST FREAKIN’ RUN! So I did 😉

This time I took a water bottle..LOL On the way back, the little bit that was left was hot and nasty. And I apparently got a bit of a bloody nose too. Didn’t see the blood on my shirt until I got ready to get in the shower. Guess its the price of running in the heat 😉