A couple of things I need to think of for my next LONG run like this ~

1. Pick another route! Holy crap! Nothing but uphills and head wind.

2. Even though I pee’d before I left..make sure there is a pit stop along the way. I had to hold IT for almost 5 miles. It felt like my bladder was going to explode with every step.

3. Wear a different sports bra, or a band-aid. Got a blister. A small one. No chaffing though. Thank goodness  


I was at around 12.60 when I got a call from my son asking where I was at. He was worried because I told him I was going to leave at 7:00am and it was somewhere around 10 or 10:30am and I wasn’t back yet. That’s because I got a late start. Man..late for my own half marathon. LOL Anyway, when I told him where I was at..he wanted to meet me and ride along next to me the rest of the way home. When I met him I was at 12.87. Next thing I know, I hear my watch beep that it is 13.00. I said ‘There it is boy! .1 to go and I’ve just completed my own half marathon!’ I became overwhelmed and had to look up to keep the tear from falling that welled up in my eyes and telling myself. I never thought I’d hear those words utter from my mouth. Once I controlled myself I looked down and it was 13.11. I raised my hands above my head in victory..saying ‘Yes! I did it boy!’ and the most wonderful words I’ve hear yet came from my son. He said, ‘I’M PROUD OF YOU MOM..YOU GOT SPUNK!’ LOL


So what if it wasn’t an ‘official’ half marathon. It was MY half marathon! And hearing those words made it all worth while