Well started out the day with a post saying I was glad to get past the weekend and I’m starting fresh with training for May. I mentioned 3 things I wanted incorporate in my training this time around and I was able to accomplish 2 of them. I did the 850 stairs and I did 4 – half mile splits.

1st – 4:13

2nd – 4:23

3rd – 4:27

4th – 4:28

The half mile I ran was from my front door step to a light I know is a half mile from my house it is only flat for about an eighth of a mile and then it is a gradual incline around a corner to a steeper incline. I didn’t stop but for a second each time a split ended. Then I jogged back to my start point and did it again. On the 3rd one I was saying to myself ‘these things are ass-kickers..I’m only going to do 3 tonite.’


Then I thought of this guy..!!!


If he can complete his 6th marathon sub 4:00 with the issues of both calf muscles seizing and pulling the left hamstring at mile 19, and then only yards from the finish line have the hamstring pull again..I think I can pull one more half mile spilt outta my butt! 😉