Needed to workout the BURN from last night. I truly do love the BURN you get when you’ve had a GOOD workout! It follows you into the next day, reminding you that you did a GREAT job training.

I on the other hand, I don’t like PAIN. That is different. PAIN means you HURT something and you have to take time off to REPAIR.

At work I stand and bend up and down all day. I could feel the BURN and couldn’t help but SMILE! What a freak! LOL. The guys at work probably think the same thing. They think I’m crazy for running anyway, but they always inquire. ‘Did you run this weekend?, How far did you run?, What was your time?’ It’s funny how contagious running is..even for non-runners 😉

I came home and while I was making dinner (homemade chicken nuggets, tater-tots, and steamed veggies..mmmmm!) I couldn’t help but think about wanting to run. But I kept looking at the time and getting discouraged. After everything was done I told everyone to ‘Dig in..I’m gonna go do 3 to work out my legs’. As I was getting dressed I thought..’what the heck did I just say?!! I said, I’m gonna go do 3 like it was NOTHING!! Whoa! That was funny to me. I would’ve never said that a year ago. In fact, I whined about running the Carlsbad 5000 when propositioned last March.

On last nights run I had fun! I just RAN. I just headed water, no chapstick, no GU. This run is where I truly found that the mind rules the body. I  I started out at a 8:41 pace for about a 1/4 mile and slowed down to 9:41. I was just running and listening to my music. I wasn’t focused on PACE. All along my run I would look at my watch to see my pace time, but I wouldn’t adjust my speed. I just cruised. I noticed that when my body needed to slow it would, but then when I would start to think about the marathon, the new things that I’m incorporating into my training, it excited me and when I would look at my watch I would be at like 9:20. I was even expecting my legs to get mad at me, but not once. Maybe it was because it was like 54 degrees outside and my legs were being frozen. LOL

All I can say is this is one of the funnest (is that a word) runs I’ve had, and it was a spur of the moment run. It’s great to have the ability to just pick up and run! 🙂