I had it all in my head last night that I was going to run my loop at Mission Bay again today. It would be another 12 miles, but knowing me I woulda pushed it to 13. I’ve taken time off since Tues (that run hurt) to give my quad/adductor time to heal. Last night I was still feeling a twinge of discomfort, and still felt it a bit this morning. I was also totally unprepared for my run..mentally and as far as supplies.

I have discovered with experimentation the best energy supplements and timing for taking them. I take a GU Chocolate Outrage before I run, then I take a Honey Stinger (Ginsting) engery gel packet and a Honey Stinger energy chews packet (Cherry Blossom) along with me in my fanny pack, and a Arrowhead sports bottle full of water. About 3 miles into my run I take the Ginsting and open the pack of energy chews and put 4 chews on each side of my cheeks. I’ve notice that while they are in my cheeks they melt a little and keep my mouth from getting dry. Whenever I feel the need I’ll chew one here and there. This got me thru my 12 mile run last weekend even though my quad/adductor hurt on my very first step. I still continued.

I am out of my Ginsting and called up REI to see what time they close. Me and Murphy’s Law go hand in hand. It just so happened that they closed at 5pm to do their yearly inventory. HAHAHAHAHA. Go figure. I called every sporting goods store to see if they had it in stock. No one but REI carries this product. And I figured it was just another thing – other than my leg – telling me not to run today. So I decided to give my leg a few more days off. I’ll run on Tuesday night. Maybe 6. We’ll see 😉