I did, then I didn’t. Back and forth. Of course we women have to make sure that our legs are shaved BEFORE we run. Heaven’s sake if we are struck by a car and everyone discovers Big Foot! To us (well me..I guess this is one of my few girly things) it’s like when mama says to make sure you have clean underwear on. 😉 So of course my body (cuz my quad was is still hurting) tried to tell me after my ritual that it was too late to run..it’s almost 7:30. HA! It was only 6:30! So my mind won again! Time to run!! Hop on!

When I run I think of lots of things and then there are the moments (plenty of them too) that I just zone out and don’t think of anything but ‘heal/toe’ cuz my leg starts to hurt and that is my minds way of helping to drowned out the thought. But this run I thought of how I told my son that ‘this year is MY year of BLESSING!!!’ It already started with an increase to full time employment where I work and finding a new place for my son and I. Now mind you it is still a room-share, but it is our own room and bathroom. We are both really excited. It’s a huge step forward for me.

Oh, and I did a few of Brad’s “Post run stretches” for my adductor…cuz I don’t have a groin 😉 Thanks Brad!

Happy training to ya’ll!!

Peace Out!