I was reading my book (The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer) this morning and there is a story in there about this kid named Mark Block. He was a cross country runner when he was in high school. He decided to join the Army, and the day before he got into a horrible car crash. The doctors told him he would never walk again and have to be in a wheelchair (hopefull an electric one). He was not going to accept the ‘limitations they were putting on him’. It tells of his story of kinetic visualization to get his limbs working. Everything else may be on shutdown, but his ‘control center’ (his brain..his MIND) was still working. He didn’t complete the MARATHON obivously, but he did complete 15 miles of walking which was a miracle all in its own.

The moral of his story is..you never know what you can do until you TRY. If you listen to what other say, you may not try at all. If you listen to your body, you may quit too soon. What your mind believes, your body believes.