It’s great to make people happy!

I had to call & cancel my appointment with Terminex. They were supposed to come tomorrow between 9 & 11 to spray for roaches again, but last nite I came home & one was dead on my sink. When I told the lady I found a cockroach in COCKROACH POSITION she started laughing. She said, “Oh my gosh! You just made me laugh! I won’t forget that!” It made me feel good to make someone’s day. ;o)

Just a walkin’ down the beach singing doo wa diddy dum diddy doo!

My knee hurt like a mother this morning and was all stiff. I tried an ice pack and them heat. No go. Then I realized some me the stiffness was from the muscles being tense. So I took a scalding bath, sweat my ass off, them got out. Felt fine. Decided to come down to the beach to try to keep it stretched out. Now the outside doesn’t really hurt anymore but under the kneecap is still sore. Oh well at least I’m out in the sun and wind. 😉

Played the QB

Went to the park to play football with the family. Cuz my knee was hurting I played the QB. Next thing I know..I’m running in the next touchdown! Feeling good in the neighborhood!

Another 18 down

I realized from last week I either need to carb up more the nite before or don’t run very long midweek runs. Had to walk my last mile. Knee was hurting & didn’t want to push it. Otherwise all good 🙂

Lil run

Of course my righ knee TRIED to shorten my run. As I kept either my ligament stretched out, my muscles stretched out, or the Motrin kicked in. Took the pace slow today. I want to try to get my 4 miler in on Thursday. Just a tad of soreness. Not like last week. If I keep doing what I’m doing & don’t push too hard (cuz my body has now learned I won’t take the excuses) them this marathon is mine!

My first 18.

I was 2 miles into my run when my right ligament started to hurt again. I just continued running. I prove to myself time and time again how the mind can control the body. I have to be careful though. I don’t want to screw up this marathon too.

I am SO excited for it! I can’t believe I’m not nervous. When I ran my 10K last August my heart rate was through the roof! I think a lot of my nervousness went out the window when I completed this run. I have 2 more weeks of 18 and then taper time. One 9 and then an 8 and then MARATHON TIME!!

Not going to trade ONE day for my MARATHON

Was going to run today, but my ligament is still a little stiff. I know I could pull out the 5 I was supposed to run, but I don’t want to risk being off another week to allow it to heal from the run. I’d rather wait the next 3 days & accomplish my first 18. So I’m just gonna sit here & enjoy watching Dances with Wolves before I take a shower and go to work. Enjoyed some cherry jello with bananas too heehee :o)

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