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June 2009


I’ve got past that wall of trying to push myself. God has a way of helping us out with those choices. My supervisor’s mother-in-law passed away last night. She will be taking a couple weeks off. I’ll be very busy. For some reason it finally dawned on me I have PLENTY of time til Vegas 😉


I guess I’m going thru the ‘after marathon’ motions

I reached the stage of I feel good enough to run now, and did and ended up with stiff muscles. Now I’ve reached the muscle spasm stage. Like now..I’m laying here & all of a sudden I’ll get a sharp pain in my hamstring & it’ll run down to the bottom me my foot. Lasts about 10 secs & the repeats. I’ll feel like a bubbling feeling on the she me my knee & right above my achilles (sp?) will spaz. I don’t like this part. I need to get a REAL bike 😦

Lil run

I’m confused??? My left calf muscle stays stiff my entire run. I don’t know why? Maybe its still mad about the race. Overall a pretty good run 🙂

Lil Run

Lil slow but its ok. Just getting back into it. I’m stoked too. No knee pain!

DANG that felt good!

Guess you would call this a recovery from a recovery from a recovery run. This run felt good. First run in awhile without pain. I actually looked around too. I don’t normally do that. Too focused on blocking out pain. Just as my shirt for the the marathon said..ONE BREATH..ONE STEP..ONE MILE..FINISH LINE!

…then a run

Felt the urge to do a little run. So when I got back from the ride, I put on my running shoes and headed out. it was unusual..the fact is I’m so used to running with pain that I kept waiting for it. Since I was so focused on preparing myself for the onset me pain I couldn’t really enjoy the run 😦 I’ll try again on Sunday for a 3 miler.

First a ride…

Tested out the seat today. It was much better. I was still a little uncomfortable, but it probably because this bike was not meant for me. But its giving me something to do. I kinda like cycling.

Underestimated cycling

I biked tonight & by the time I was done I couldn’t feel my crotch. I felt like I left it 5 miles back. I used my son’s bike & the seat kept rocking back & forth. After riding it for a mile I wanted to throw it into the bay! But I told myself if my poor boy has to suffer through this so will I. No pain riding. I will be buying my son a new seat & I’m going to start saving for a decent bike. I would like to do a dulathon. 🙂 I don’t dislike cycling..I just had an unpleasant experience with the seat. 😉

Recovery from a recovery run

Guess I need another week off of running. Still playing this whole thing by ear. Today was mind over body but in a different way. We played the WISE card today. Made the smart decision to stop after 1.7 when the knee was getting sore and walk back the other half. We’ve got plenty of time to train. Maybe do some cross training on my son’s bike.

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