Recovery from a recovery run

Guess I need another week off of running. Still playing this whole thing by ear. Today was mind over body but in a different way. We played the WISE card today. Made the smart decision to stop after 1.7 when the knee was getting sore and walk back the other half. We’ve got plenty of time to train. Maybe do some cross training on my son’s bike.


2 thoughts on “Recovery from a recovery run

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  1. After my first marathon, I took a week off and wasn’t sore, so I thought I’d get in 3 or 4 miles. I stopped after about a half mile. After another week off, I figured I could handle 2 on the treadmill. Made it halfway. Seriously, it took me about a month before my knees, ankles and connective tissues were ready for a run. It was a humbling experience and taught me an important lesson. Enjoy the rest and recovery. Plenty of time to get ready for Vegas.

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