Ya ya the run was done at the bay and yes there was some breeze but it doesn’t mean that is was difficult.

Left calf was still giving me some problems along the run but I just kept focusing on my foot plant. I bought this new stuff called Endurox R4. It’s meant to be taken right after a workout lasting longer than an hour. It’s for faster muscle recovery. I drank two servings yesterday and one after today workout. We’ll see how I feel the next couple of days.

Lulu made a training plan for me for Vegas and even with the calf issues I’ right on schedule. Thus week I’m gonna shoot for two 4 milers and then I’m scheduled for a 10 miler before I start increasing the long runs every other week and halving in between.

I’m looking forward to it. So far my rubs are averaging a 10:10 pace which means a little under a 4:30 Vegas time. That would be sweet! But there is plenty of time for training πŸ˜‰