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September 2009

Boy did I fall of the wagon last week…

It started out good. Monday I spent 3 hrs trying on clothes and getting my face all dolled up for a fashion show this last Saturday. It was so much fun dressing up and have the 3 girls treat me like a life size Barbie doll! LOL Then Tuesday I joined a sma group at church. It’s a WOMEN’S group with a theme right now of “Building Healthy Relationships”. Thought it’d be good, I’m the only SINGLE one there. LOL! It’s ok. I like it. But the damage was already done. My immune system was already down and I ran outta Lysine so U got a cold sore. I hate those dang things. I decided not to run so as to not stress my body out anymore to get more cold sores. Then the ball just kept rolling…potluck on Friday at work, cookies and muffins for breakfast before the fashion show, birthday party yesterday, and of course the finale of Chips Ahoy cookies and vanilla ice cream!!

I think I’m good now. Still have a bit of issues with motivation right now but I’m getting it back 😉


Didn’t feel like summer left today ;-)

Knee didn’t want to do more. No sense in pushing it

Now I unerstand why the t-shirt said…”Got toenails?!”

I know this may sound gross, but WTH is up with this?

It’s creepy as all get out not to mention I can’t really wear flip flops again for awhile!

My left index toenail fell off AGAIN!! This is the second time since after the marathon in June..well end of May. Apparently I developed a blister under my toenail. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t know until I was clipping it. The blister popped (again no pain) and then like a week later I could just take it off. NO PAIN! Not that I wanted any, but it’s just really CREEPY when one can do that.

I thought it was growing back just fine, then I looked down a bit ago and there’s this air pocket under it an I was able to do it again!!

This has never happened to me even once in my life, let alone TWICE. I wonder if I’m to expect this??!!

Don’t know WTH to call this

Had 2 hrs to kill. Started running for about a half mile and got a call from my Dad so I walked cuz he didn’t want hear me panting in the phone like an obscene caller. The I got back into the swing of things. A lot of hills and curves extra dose of Celadrin tonite 😉

Lil run

Run – 1.6 hours – 9/13/09

Diggin’ my stability ball!!

I’ve been using it as a chair at work for the past week or so, and then doing an occasional workout at home. I’m actually noticing a difference.

Last night I worked myself silly. I’m feeling the burn and lovin’ it! I love the burn! Let’s ya know you did somethin’ right.

Peace Out! 😉

Run – 0.7 hours – 9/8/09

Run – 2.8 hours – 9/7/09

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