I know this may sound gross, but WTH is up with this?

It’s creepy as all get out not to mention I can’t really wear flip flops again for awhile!

My left index toenail fell off AGAIN!! This is the second time since after the marathon in June..well end of May. Apparently I developed a blister under my toenail. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t know until I was clipping it. The blister popped (again no pain) and then like a week later I could just take it off. NO PAIN! Not that I wanted any, but it’s just really CREEPY when one can do that.

I thought it was growing back just fine, then I looked down a bit ago and there’s this air pocket under it an I was able to do it again!!

This has never happened to me even once in my life, let alone TWICE. I wonder if I’m to expect this??!!