Increasing long run

It’s taken awhile for me to push my Achilles to it’s limit. Today it got pushed. I felt it wanting to snap but I wouldn’t let it. Had a bit of knee issues as well but ran thru those also.

I was dancing on that fine line of overtraining again. One part of me was saying Dar we got a goal today and it’s 8 miles. The other part of me was saying Dar ya need to chill…cut back a little. I listened mostly to the first voice with the other constantly tapping me on the shoulder. But when all is said and done…I did it! The goal for the day is complete 😀

Test run – I got outta bed

I was testing myself to see if I could get up early and run without it being race day. I was a little sluggish. I wanted to stay in my warm flannel sheets. 🙂

It was cold. To me at least. Then again I freeze myself with my own feet.

I need to get my mojo back. I lost it somewhere. I like to run and I like the feeling during and especially after a run. But I think somewhere between the 4 months off (2 before & 2 after the marathon from injuries) and gaining 7-8 lbs (which you don’t realize is a lot until you gain it and try to lose it).

For the most part I’m a positive person. So I know I’ll get thru this. It’s not that first step that is most important…it’s getting out of bed! 😉

Easiest homemade energy gel to make!

I noticed I got a couple of hitS on my post about a homemade energy gel I found made from maltodextrin and jelly and a bunch of other things. This was too complex!

Here is a recipe for what I use now. Two ingredients and 40g of carbs per ounce as opposed to 25g from GU. I think my stuff tastes better. Like mild butterscotch. Just mix 21oz of brown rice syrup and 4 oz of blue agave syrup. Put it whatever if comfortable for you to carry it in. I don’t have a fuel belt, so I just bought 4oz bottles from REI and fill them.

I didn’t create this on my own. I found it in the Internet somewhere and altered the quantities to my taste.

First run in new shoes

This is the second pair of Brooks I’ve bought that feel fine when I try them on and jog in them at RRS but when I get OUT THERE my left index toenail doesn’t like them. Well guess what…it’s gonna have to get use to them or fall off! Like it did after the SD marathon. Which I’d kind of prefer since it’s the only one makin’ trouble or to use a better word but hillbilly…ORNERY!!

For 31:42 I was pain-free

My osteoarthritis kicked it in my right shoulder, thru my elbow to my wrist and affected the operation of my thumb at times today and 2 Motrin didn’t help, BUT…

THAT’S OK!! I thought if I run it’ll take my mind off my shoulder for a little while and it did.

I’m feeling much better after a Pacifico, a heating pad, and some nice conversation. At to preoccupy the pain 😉

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