I suffered from Chinese disease today…

…dragging ass! OMGosh! I felt like I was starting all over. You don’t realize how much that extra 10 lbs weighs until you have to run with it again. I actually felt like I wanted to quit. Telling myself biking was easier, but I said NO you ain’t quitting! Running was your first love, don’t give up jus because you couldn’t monitor what was on the utensil heading towards your pie hole!!

Stick it out, but don’t push to hard. Take it easy. 😉

First long ride for me…was enjoyable

I had an idea of where I wanted to ride to. So I headed out I was cruising along at the same speed as if I was racing against the sun, and had to tell myself a few times to slow down…enjoy the ride…or at this pace you’re goin to poop out waaay out there and have to walk back.

My last f
ride was from my house to the mouth of this new bike path. Because I race agains the sun during the week, I was excited to take it today. It was smoother than the streets 🙂

Three things I have to get ~

1. Helmet
2. Riding shorts
3. Silicon seat 😉
ok 4. One of those handlebar attchment so so can rest. My back kept seizing. LOL

I don’t feel useless anymore!

I bought a road bike today! It’s not new, but that is A-Ok with me. I had to make a minor adjustment by raising the seat about a half an inch. It’s great! It’s a GMC Denali 7005 series.

When I got it home I was so excited, but I didn’t know what to do. After I raised the seat, it wouldn’t fit in my car anymore. So I rode around my neighborhood. My GPS went out, the last time I looked at my watch it said I was doing 3:55. It took me 56:02 and I used an average of 4:30 to incorporate hills. I was pedaling 90% of the time with the same consistancy of speed. When I got back my son asked how many I did (miles)? I told him after I figured it out. He was like “Wow!”. I was so jazzed I wanted to do it again!

I had another list awhile back that I rode my son’s bike two different days for 6 & 8 miles. My butt/crotch hurt so bad. This bike did hurt much at all! I might consider getting a silicon seat to make it a little more comfy!

Bottomline is…this was one of the most exhilerating workouts I’ve ever had!

Now if I can get over my discomfort of intaking water while swimming…I just might be able to do a tri 😉

Feel like my favorite toy has been taken away!

I’ve been fighting this Achilles thing since December. I don’t know if tendinitis is when the actual tendon hurts, but in my case is all the “tissue” around it. For awhile there I was able to run. It was sore but the most I’ve able to get out is 8. Then I rested for a week because after the 8 it felt like it was gonna pull again. Then I did these little tapping exercises a friend told me (No impact. My foot is raised in the air) and it became more painful. Again it’s not the tendon, its the tissue above and on the very side.

I’m just confused as to why it’s happening. I don’t want to push it, because I’ve heard it n becom degenerative. 😦

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