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I think I’m getting my mojo back

This run started out sorta negative. It’s not his fault but the brake line on my son’s bike broke a little over mile into the run and he had to turn around and go back. I thought, “why does somehing always happen when he comes with me?” The poor kid had to wait an hour for me cuz he couldn’t catch up to get the key.

I just tried to focus on my run. I don’t use an iPod any more. There are certain races that don’t permit it, so I might as well get used to it now. Every since Chelsea King’s passing I’ve been more aware of my surroundings. Most of the time I run or ride by myself cuz I don’t get of work until 5:00. DST makes it easier.

Today felt good. As I was running I noticed I wasn’t struggling to breath anymore! It was nice to look around once in awhile and see what’s going on. This was a fun run 😉

Oh almost forgot…my 5k time was 30:18. I looked at last years Carlsbad 5000 results and I wouldve been 33 out of the 61 in my age group! Woot woot!


I suffered from Chinese disease today…

…dragging ass! OMGosh! I felt like I was starting all over. You don’t realize how much that extra 10 lbs weighs until you have to run with it again. I actually felt like I wanted to quit. Telling myself biking was easier, but I said NO you ain’t quitting! Running was your first love, don’t give up jus because you couldn’t monitor what was on the utensil heading towards your pie hole!!

Stick it out, but don’t push to hard. Take it easy. 😉

Increasing long run

It’s taken awhile for me to push my Achilles to it’s limit. Today it got pushed. I felt it wanting to snap but I wouldn’t let it. Had a bit of knee issues as well but ran thru those also.

I was dancing on that fine line of overtraining again. One part of me was saying Dar we got a goal today and it’s 8 miles. The other part of me was saying Dar ya need to chill…cut back a little. I listened mostly to the first voice with the other constantly tapping me on the shoulder. But when all is said and done…I did it! The goal for the day is complete 😀

Test run – I got outta bed

I was testing myself to see if I could get up early and run without it being race day. I was a little sluggish. I wanted to stay in my warm flannel sheets. 🙂

It was cold. To me at least. Then again I freeze myself with my own feet.

I need to get my mojo back. I lost it somewhere. I like to run and I like the feeling during and especially after a run. But I think somewhere between the 4 months off (2 before & 2 after the marathon from injuries) and gaining 7-8 lbs (which you don’t realize is a lot until you gain it and try to lose it).

For the most part I’m a positive person. So I know I’ll get thru this. It’s not that first step that is most important…it’s getting out of bed! 😉

Small run…lil warm

First run in new shoes

This is the second pair of Brooks I’ve bought that feel fine when I try them on and jog in them at RRS but when I get OUT THERE my left index toenail doesn’t like them. Well guess what…it’s gonna have to get use to them or fall off! Like it did after the SD marathon. Which I’d kind of prefer since it’s the only one makin’ trouble or to use a better word but hillbilly…ORNERY!!

Run – 0.8 hours – 02/10/2010

5 miles with a 29:56 5k

Run – 0 hours – 02/07/2010

Lil slow cuz of hills

Didn’t intend on having hills incorporated til later in training but now I’m ok. Just iced the muscle for a lil while just in case

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