I need the proper amount of down time after running a marathon and then the proper training. This is all something I can do on my own. But as is stands now I continue to push myself, because life gets in the way and then I try to make up for it with driving myself with speed or time and get hurt or injured and have to take time off. Then I get angry with myself for trying so hard. WHY??!!

I accomplished something on May 31, 2009 that many people will never have the opportunity in their whole life to do..I crossed the FINISH LINE of a MARATHON.

I truly and honestly think about this when I run. The people who can’t walk or run. And the people who couldn’t run before, but do now and have become my inspiration for running.

I would’ve never thought in my wildest dreams any day prior to two years ago that I would say that let alone say it twice. And there WILL be more to come. But it doesn’t make sense to continue to damage myself. If I want to continue to do this thing they call a marathon…I once again need to train SMART. I want to do this RIGHT and not HALF ASS!! Technically that is what I’ve been doing and I only cheating myself.